#GivingTuesday Gustavus Community Center

Wow!  We are so Thankful!

The GCC board is overwhelmed in gratitude for #GivingTuesday. Although donations are still coming in through other methods and we won’t know how much match we’ll get for a bit, we know over 100 supporters provided over $6500 on Giving Tuesday! Through the challenges of Facebook, we can’t actually thank each of you individually. You should have received a receipt that will serve for tax purposes; however, if you contact us directly, we can also follow up. Thank You!

5 PM Update – Maximum donation benefit extends until 1 AM AKST

#GivingTuesday Gustavus Community Center The Global Gustavus Givers Rock!!!
We still have until 1 AM AKST for maximum donation benefits to build a community center. Everyone, pat yourselves on the back… what we know… 11 Fundraisers!!!, 83 Donors!!!, and drum rollllllllllll… $5957 without match today. This is in addition to $20k raised earlier in the month. Final push tonight to see how close we can get to the $50k anonymous challenge donation we are working towards! Please share with friends!


Hi folks with a connection to Gustavus Community Center,

We are in the home stretch fundraising to begin construction.  We want to leverage the matching support of Facebook and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on Giving Tuesday, November 28.  Who doesn’t want to DOUBLE their money?  Plus, we have a challenge match of $50k that we are closing in on, so every dollar will be TRIPLED!

Facebook’s Giving Tuesday is a game… they want to train us to create Fundraisers and donate money.  Here are their rules.

  • Up to $2 million will be matched starting NOW until 1 AM AKT (11/29)… we have no idea how soon $2 million will be donated, so we encourage early donations… go look for Northern Lights.
  • Each fundraiser can be matched up to $1000, but each non-profit can get up to $50,000… so we need to create many fundraisers and not exceed $1000/fundraiser… this is where we are being trained to create Fundraisers… and spread the wealth.
  • We know we are not all equally wealthy or Facebook savvy, that’s where it takes a Gustavus Global Community to show little towns can win big…  We will work to connect people who want to Donate $$$ with those who are savvy at creating Facebook Fundraisers.  We will provide an update if we find a way for non-Facebook users to donate to this event.

To create a Fundraiser:

  1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/fundraisers/?create&charity_only
  2. Type in “Gustavus Community Center” if on a computer.  If on a mobile device, you click “Raise Money” then “Nonprofit” then “Gustavus Community Center.”
  3. Enter “1000” for How much money do you want to raise?
  4. Enter “11/29/2017” for When should your fundraiser end?
  5. Create a title and tell people why you want a Gustavus Community Center built! Here are suggestions
    1. #GivingTuesday for Gustavus Community Center
    2. Gustavus Community Center wants to break ground in 2018. On GivingTueday, Nov. 28, Facebook and the Bill/Melinda Gates Foundation will match donations… so DOUBLING your donation! They are matching the first $2 million after 4 AM Alaska time (8AM eastern), so early donations are preferred.  Gustavus Community Center’s (http://gustavuscommunitycenter.com/) Mission is: To create a sustainable and beautiful place that will promote health and enhance the quality of life, preserve local traditions, and strengthen the integrity of the community of Gustavus, Alaska.  Whether you donate $5 or $500, every little bit helps. Donations before and after Nov. 28 will help, but only those after 4 AM AKT November 28th will be DOUBLED!
  6. Pick or upload a photo
  7. Create!
  8. Share with friends!
  9. Remind your friends on Cyber Monday, Nov. 27 to set their alarms for 4 AM!
  10. Send the link to us by Facebook and/or at gustavuscommunitycenter@gmail.com to post here and on Facebook.  Best way to send us a link is to look at the fundraiser in your feed, then click the timestamp.  This opens just that post and you can copy/paste the permalink to us.
  11. Organizers of fundraisers that receives $300 on Giving Tuesday will get a pre-release of the 2018 Gustavus T-Shirt when available!

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